How can I become a member of the Grapevine Rotary Club?

Membership in the Grapevine Rotary Club is by invitation. If you don't know anyone in the club or if you don't have someone to sponsor you, our Membership committee can help with this process. A potential new member must be sponsored by an existing club member. A sponsor will help you complete your Membership Application and answer any questions you might have about Rotary. As a potential member, you must attend at least two club meetings, usually at the invitation of a sponsor, before you can be considered for membership.

Once your application is complete and submitted to the Membership Committee, it is given to the Board of Directors and then the general membership for approval. This process can take a few weeks, as new members are carefully vetted by both the board and club membership. If there are no objections to your admission to the club, the Membership Chair will schedule an orientation meeting with you.  You will then be inducted by the Club President during a regular club meeting.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact our our Membership Chair, Greg Jordan, 817-721-4734.

Obligations and Goals of Grapevine Rotary Membership

  • 100% attendance is strongly suggested. There are make-up opportunities through attending Board Meetings, Foundation Meetings and on-line make-ups. 
  • Fellowship is a great benefit of Rotary; you are encouraged to rotate tables at weekly meetings to interact with all members. 
  • It is our responsibility as a Rotarian to share the service of Rotary by sponsoring new members exemplifying the ideals of Rotary. 
  • Make an effort to stay for the entire weekly meeting.   
  • Attend a Grapevine Rotary Club Board Meeting on the third Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce unless otherwise noted. This is one of the requirements to earn your blue badge. 
  • Dues/lunches are billed monthly; the dues are $18 plus your meals and Paul Harris contribution.  If you make up a meeting missed during a month and you make up at another Rotary Club, you are not charged on your monthly bill.  Please pay dues promptly. 
  • Our club has 100% participation to Paul Harris which supports the Rotary Foundation, and we want to continue that tradition. Each member supports these humanitarian efforts of Rotary International with a monthly contribution. 
  • Select a committee on which to serve and participate, support and volunteer at various club activities throughout the year. 
  • Invite your significant other to attend social events. 
  • Set a goal to become a chair of a committee, a club director or an officer. 
  • Plan to attend the annual Rotary 5790 District Conference, the District Assembly, as well as other District workshops. 
  • Be an active participating member; inject your enthusiasm and ideas into the club. 

Dues – Financial Highlights

Members can pay their Membership Dues by check or credit card.  Credit cards can only be accepted by the treasurer at weekly meetings.  Dues are $18/month plus the weekly cost of meals and monthly contribution toward a Paul Harris Fellow.  A Paul Harris Fellow is $1,000, so when a member’s contributions total $1,000, the member will be awarded a special Paul Harris pin.  Stones are added with each additional $1,000 contributed. 

The Grapevine Rotary Club has been a major benefactor for charitable and community causes since its founding in 1967. Today, Grapevine Rotary continues to be a generous contributor to humanitarian and other worthwhile causes in Grapevine, as well as nationally and internationally.

The club annually conducts two major fundraisers: a Golf Tournament to raise scholarship funds for graduating high school seniors and a Beer Booth at Main Street Days and Grapefest.  The success of these events is due to the participation of our members and the participation of the community.  

The sergeant-at-arms "fines" Rotarians for various reasons at meetings for birthdays, being in the news, etc.  Fines support club activities.

Some of the notable examples of giving are listed in Community Service and the Foundation.

Leave of Absence – Policy

The Grapevine Rotary Club allows leave of absences from the club for personal and professional reasons. All Leave of Absences must be approved by the Grapevine Rotary Club Board of Directors.  While on leave, your luncheon fees are suspended, but you must pay the RI and District 5790 portion of your dues which maintains your Rotarian status, which is $18 per month.